Who Is Her?

My beautiful
When I was in college I saw her face
21 years old I got her screename from her place
Back at the time I never would have thought I would see her again
But she came back into my life she was my friend
There is no woman alive who can take her place
I had thoughts and dreams of her
Little did she know she would make my dreams come true with her
It wasn’t easy for her to trust me
But I was committed
I would do anything for her, trust me
I was falling head over heals I was smitten
All along she knew my feelings
I hope that little squirrel showed her my real feelings
There were trials we put each other through
Here we are and now and I love her
She kept thinking every day that I was through
I love her and would never leave her side
Let me make you understand
Marry Me and be by my side
Grow old with me, dont underestimate
Baby, My Jess, we are perfect mates.

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