Lost and Found

You can’t push me away.
You can’t push me away.
I Love You.
I Love You.
I will forever love you.
I will love you forever.
My brain can’t understand anything but.
My body doesn’t accept anything but.
My fingers don’t get what you try to say.
My dorkiness is real but I know it’s what you pray.
You are my everything.
You are exactly what I was saw when I was thinking about about everything.
She was the one who made me see everything.
Things were what she made me see,
And now I saw everything, she made me see it all.
I saw you looking up at me and had to take the first chance.
You knew it and gave me your first chance.
No strings no nothing no anything
But we turned out to be everything.
That’s real love.
Of everything thats real love.
I felt like this ever since and you can’t deny me this.
Baby make love to me forever, forever,
Thank you God, I found her, she found me.
Real Love.

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